Company History
Founded in May 2004, Holpace Nigeria Limited is an indigenous Engineering firm. We are dedicated to bringing life into our clients' visions. Employing an integrated approach to every project, we put the client first. We take the time to know and understand our clients, thus allowing us to start each project with a clear picture of a particular vision and expectation .

We employ an integrated process that puts you - the client - at the center. Your needs and your point of view drive every decision we make on your behalf from pre-conceptual stage through the close-out. We combine this client-oriented approach with comprehensive experience and management expertise, innovative problem solving, continuous communication, advance scheduling, a safety first attitude, and timely close-out services. Our reputation and diverse client base have accounted for steady, well-managed growth as a solid mid-sized firm .

Our SPIRIT of Performance

Safety, People, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork. SPIRIT is the foundation of our culture and these values help guide every business decision we make

Our growth is centered on values of transparency, accountability, ethics and safety, as well as concern for the environment, our employees and the communities where we operate. It is our belief that the company will enhance both its short-term and long-term profitability by understanding and responding to the opportunities and risks associated with the changing needs and expectations of society. In other words, we believe that being an even more responsible company will make us better able to generate value for our shareholders.


Our Mission Statement
Our Vision
We seek to sustain excellent financial performance by balancing short-term performance with sustained long-term growth, investing wisely, and striving for flexible low costs to assure acceptable results in varying market cycles.
Our Purpose
Is to continually work to improve shareholder returns through reliable operations, reducing operating costs and optimizing performance throughout our large, integrated system.
Our Values
Are about quality and customer care. Offering the best valued products and services to our customers from a controlled cost base. Giving a high level of customer care and product innovation.
Our Partners                                                                                 

  Tubithors S.P.A      (EP TECH)          IVS 3D           


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